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Why You Need Recover Cart

68% of Shopping Carts are Abandoned

Did you know that 68% of customers that add a product to their shopping cart never complete their order 1? Recover Cart helps you convert those 68% of abandoned shopping carts into sales.

Convert Undecided Shoppers

35% of abandoned shopping carts are because shoppers are browsing and not ready to buy yet 2. Recover Cart helps convert these undecided shoppers into buyers by providing a limited time offer they won't want to pass up.

Recover Abandoned Carts Before Customers Leave

Existing abandoned cart recovery solutions work by sending emails to customers that abandon their shopping cart. But that only works for customers that make it to the checkout page and enter their email address. Recover Cart is able to target abandoned shopping carts before customers leave your website.

Reach 87% More Abandoned Carts Than With Email

74% of shoppers who add a product to their cart never make it to the checkout page 3. Out of the remaining 16% that do make it to the checkout page, only 49% provide an email address 4. So if you're using a traditional email based abandoned cart solution then you may be missing out on 87% of abandoned carts that Recover Cart is able to target and help recover.

Multiple Smart Triggers

Recover Cart has multiple options to detect if a customer is attempting to leave your website. Recover Cart gives you full control over which exact trigger options you want Recover Cart to use. Use just one or use them all, the choice is yours.

Desktop Exit Intent

Recover Cart monitors a customers curor position on desktop computers. If a customer moves their cursor above the webpage viewing area, Recover Cart appears on your website.

Mobile Exit Intent

Recover Cart monitors the scroll patterns on mobile devices. If a customer using a mobile device scrolls up, often indicating they're attempting to make the web address bar appear, Recover Cart appears on your website.

After Clicking the Back Button

Recover Cart is able to detect if a customer clicks the back button on their browser. If they do so the Recover Cart bar will appear on your website before they're able to leave.

After Leaving Checkout Page

Recover Cart detects if a customer makes it to your checkout page but returns to your main website before completing their order.

Automatic Unique Coupons

To help recover abandoned carts and motivate your customers to complete their order, Recover Cart provides a unique, one time use coupon code for each customer.

Any Coupon Type

You have full control over the exact offer you’d like to provide customers including free shipping or a specific percentage off an order. The choice is yours.

Automatically Generated

Recover Cart automatically creates each unique coupon code for you and your customers. So there’s no need to manually create unique codes or worry about codes running out.

Single Use

Each coupon code is restriced to a single time use to prevent coupon abuse. This prevents customers from being able to their coupon code multiple times or sharing their coupon code online or with friends.

Automatically Applied at Checkout

Recover Cart automatically applies a customer unique coupon code for them on the checkout page. So customers don't need to worry about remembering to copy down their coupon code for a more seamless checkout process.

Built For Mobile

Recover Cart is fully responsive so it looks and works great on every desktops, tablets and mobile devices. We've meticulously tested Recover Cart on dozens of devices so you can rest assured it will work for every visitor.

More Features

Advanced Analytics

Get advanced insights into exactly how many times Recover Cart has been seen on your website, how many clicks it's gotten and how much sales it's generated for you. Specify the date range for your stats and A/B test different configurations to maximize your conversion rate. Recover Cart shows you exactly which specific orders it's responsible for helping convert for full transparency.

Seamless checkout flow

Recover Cart makes it as simple as possible for your abandoning customers to complete the checkout process. When a customer clicks on the Recover Cart bar they are automatically taken to your checkout page and their unique coupon code is automatically applied. Recover Cart automatically tracks which sales are converted by customers that click on Recover Cart.


Our pricing is simple and customer friendly. You only pay 5% of the total sales that Recover Cart recovers for you that month. If Recover Cart doesn't recover any sales for you then you don't pay anything.

checkOnly Pay For Extra Sales

Wnly pay for the extra sales that Recover Cart recovers for you and nothing more. You don't pay anything for your normal sales that Recover Cart doesn't help recover for you.

checkAffordable & Risk Free

With Recover Cart you don't pay a monthly subscription fee just to use the app. Instead you only pay if Recover Cart makes you money. So you always have a positive return on investment and never lose money.

checkAccess Every Feature

With Recover Cart every feature is available to you without getting charged extra. There's no need to pay more just to use certain features you need.

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Recover Cart is currently available for Shopify websites.